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3. Installation of Extranet

Extranet is the setup of the WIFI sharing equipment.

Since I have the IPTIME sharing equipment, I will explain the process by using the IPTIME product. (Other products follow a similar process.)


In order to set up the sharing equipment, it is required to know the setup address.

The products other than the one of IPTIME basically have the setup condition of in the Explorer window.

The CISCO product has the setup condition of


** It is required to carry out only two kinds of setup modes, Port Forwarding and DDNS in the sharing equipment.

The process can be described in order.


1. Get access to the setup window of the sharing equipment.



2. Check the inside address (the information of the inside network).

* As shown below, the sharing equipment allocates four inside addresses to the connected device between and 254. The smart-phone which I am going to use is given the address of



3. Setup of Port Forward

* As shown below, click the port forward category to see the window which can be used for the setup process as shown on the right.


Rule: BestCam_1 has been used.

Inside IP Address : (The address must be written on the upper

left side of the Server Mode screen in the application.)

Inside Port : 55555 ~ 55555 (The port must be written on the upper left side

 of the Server Mode screen in the application.)

Outside Port : 55555 ~ 55555 (The value which is same as the one of

                                            the inside port must be written.)

Do you want to know more about the address or port?

You can see such numbers as 192.168.0.xxx : 55555.

The left side of ':' shows the address, while the right side represents the port number.

By clicking ADD, you could see that the adding process is done as shown below.



5. Setup of DDNS (The flexible kind of IP can be used as the fixed kind of IP.)

As shown below, move to the category of DDNS setup. Then, you could find the window in the form of red columns on the upper side through which you could carry out the registering process.

After writing down contents and adding them, the following window of normal registration (the category of access state) appears.



Now, you are ready for the outside access.


6. Client Mode (Edit Mode or New Addition)

* As shown below, insert the set value of DDNS on the Address.

* Insert the Port Forwarding value for the Port value.

* Insert the Setup value of the server for ID/PW.


7. Check through Extranet. (Check with outside WIFI, 3G and 4G.)



8. Click and get access.



Installation of Extranet  description ends here

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