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[Server mode camera setup]


1. Click Setup as shown below after running this application.



2. Set up the port, id and password of the server.


* What is a port? In a easy way, it can be regarded as a program number.

It is possible to set the numbers between 1 and 65535. However, it is recommended to set the numbers between 1024 and 65535.


3. After carrying out the setup process, run Server Mode.



4. Check the connection to the WIFI sharing equipment.

* It is necsesary to connect the smart-phones acting as web-cams and CCTVs to WIFI.




* If the address appears as shown below, it can be regarded as a normal kind of Server Mode.

If the camera is activated for a moment before the screen goes black, the state can be regarded as Power-saving Mode for the reduction of the consumption of batteries after showing the images through the camera for five seconds.






[Client mode Smart-phone setup]


* What is Client Mode? It can be regarded as the smart-phone used to see the images through the camera installed in a house.


1. Click Client Mode to have the following screen.



2. Registration of the Camera (Click the button with the shape of a pencil.)

As shown below, insert the values set for the name, address and port of the server.



* Is it absolutely necessary to set up the values of ID/PW?

No. However, those values could be regarded as safety measures. If you set those values, the security line is reinforced.



3. After carrying out the setup process, you could have the camera button called 'TEST'.

You can see the red-colored camera on the top left side of the TEST button.

It means that the camera server is currently in the mode of normal activation.

If the red light is not on, it means that the server is not in the mode of normal activation or the Internet is going through some trouble.



4. If you click the camera button, the server camera can be shown in real time as below.



5. How to modify the camera setup?

As shown below, click the EDIT button on the left and activate the EDIT mode before modifying each category of the camera.



If you complete the process, 80% of the whole process can be regarded as being completed.


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