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[BestCam Communication Composition]


This application requires more than two smart-phone devices.

By installing smart-phones in the house as web-cams or CCTVs, the application makes it possible to see images from a remote place by using another smart-phone with such communication environments as WIFI and 3G/4G in real time.




[ Descriptions of Intranet, Extranet, and Port  ]


Let's take the example of a house.

What is Intranet?

It consists of all the devices connected to the WIFI sharing equipment in a house.

What is Extranet?

It can be regarded as the Internet line providing the functions of the Internet to the WIFI sharing equipment.

In order to get access to a certain program in a house through Extranet (Internet), it is required to have four kinds of information.

(Intranet Address, Intranet Port, Extranet Address, Extranet Port)

What is the reason for having such information?

You do not need to have such information if you use Intranet. However, since the application is used to see images from outside by installing a camera in a house, it is necessary for you to get access from outside.


[ DDNS of WIFI Sharing Equipment, Port Forwarding ]

The Internet line connected to an ordinary house requires a flexible kind of IP.

The communication provider could change xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx at any time.

If you want to know whether it is necessary to receive a fixed kind of IP, the answer is no.

Usually, the sharing equipment has the function of DDNS. DDNS is the function which provides the sharing equipment with a nickname. As a result, even if the IP address is changed, it is still possible to track down the nickname.

DDNS could provide the IPTIME products with such a nickname as xxx.iptime.org. Also, it dynamically allocates a port.

The sharing equipment provides the function of port forwarding which could change the port to a fixed one.


The basic description ends here.

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