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This application requires more than two smart-phone devices.

By installing smart-phones in the house as web-cams or CCTVs, the application makes it possible to see images from a remote place by using another smart-phone with such communication environments as WIFI and 3G/4G in real time.




For the server, it is required to set up the trial version!

Use the trial version before buying the product.




1. The server smart-phone showing video images and audio clips.

2. The client smart-phone used to receive video images and audio clips in a remote place.

3. The WIFI sharing equipment used to get access to the Internet.

- This application requires more than two smart-phones.


[Basic Functions]

1. Real-time images from a remote place

2. Real-time audio clips from a remote place

3. Multiple access support for video images (Multiple access not granted for audio clips)

4. Possible remote control by using the basic server smart-phone (flash light & conversion of the front/back sides of the camera)



[Simple Description]

Nowadays, due to the wide distribution of smart-phones, the number of left-over smart-phones will increase.

By installing such smart-phones in houses, stores and offices, it is possible to receive video images and audio clips in real time anywhere and anytime.

Also, since it is possible to choose the front and the back sides of the camera remotely, you could have the effect of installing two cameras.

You could turn on the light remotely, so it is possible to use the function at night.

(However, remember that there are some old smart-phones without the light function.)

Compared to web-cams, you could experience some inconvenience since the computer must always be turned on.

However, compared to CCTVs and IP web-cam products, you could experience a high level of economic feasibility for electrical bills.

If you often have business trips overseas and are worried about your house, or

If you are worried about your family at home, or

If you are concerned about your own store, or

If you want to see your children in real time, or

If you have pets at home,

You are recommended to use this product.

For the user's manual, please refer to the website.

 ( http://bestcam.tistory.com )


*Installation fo Intranet


*Installation fo Extranet


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